James H. Webster

Is a former internet talk show host, creator, producer and organizer of entertaining poetry events, singer, songwriter, poet and spiritual mentor.

James H. Webster, aka KYNG JAYMES, was born in St. Louis, Mo., but raised in Chicago, Ill. There were brief periods of cultural exposure that inundated the childhood memories in my birthplace somewhat. But, Chicago’s inner city south side became the major contributing influence. Thus, the impetus for my life’s commitment to a heightened spiritual level in conscious awareness was researched and continually nurtured internally. So, after years of reflecting on many past instances of critical incidents and circumstances that were life threatening, yet always coming out unscathed. I began developing a profound respect and deep humility for the Prime SOURCE that compassionately provided protection for me, that in most cases I was either too naïve, or unwittingly able  to provide for myself. Ultimately, exposing me to situations that brought about life and mind-altering experiences, to inspirationally expand my inner-standing far beyond analytical intellect could imagine or comprehend. I became increasingly more aware of the building in trust with self, as well as with the knowledge that my intimately personal research produced. It was through this type of determination and a committed dedication to lifestyle changes like the practice of Relaxation Response, Transcendental Meditation (TM) and Sun Gazing, just to name a few. These were some of the contributing catalyst for the transformation that allowed me to piece the veils of indifference. I was intrinsically encouraged to focus on all things consumed, as in dietary, audibly, visually, physically, emotionally, psychologically, emitted vibrations, spiritually and above all, being acutely aware of my conscious intent. What I AM consistently reminded of and further humbled by, is that the organic process that’s endogenous to all beings with a Soul, is a Galactic Cycle that will repeat itself over time. Honored by this knowledge in self-awareness, the need to share was born.

"It's infused literature that "sparks" the SOUL's memory of SELF!" 

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